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In service of our goal to make mental health care accessible to everyone, we’ve curated the below free worksheets and toolkits so you can help your clients move forward. These worksheets help clients better identify and illustrate certain feelings that may come up in a therapy session.

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Where does doubt come from?

Self-doubt doesn’t come out of the blue. It is shaped by your history and how you interpret the events, situations, and experiences in your lives. Use these worksheets to help identify the events that may have molded your self-doubt.

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Toolkit

With the SEL toolkit, kids will have the tools they need to manage big feelings, develop empathy for others, and make good decisions.

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Transforming Grief and Loss

You will find these worksheets to be hopeful, positive, and empowering, as it offers valuable exercises that will help your clients transform their loss and transform their lives. The following worksheets will help your clients assess their grief, reflect on it, and provide exercises that help aid the grieving process.

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Diagramming Triggers

Often, triggers result in emotions you know are not logical, and you recognize that most other people would not respond to the trigger the same way you do. By continuing these worksheets, you can learn more about your triggers—including how to reduce the effect they have on you.


EMDR for Kids: Increasing Body Awareness

Playfully integrate EMDR therapy with your young clients and help them feel prepared to handle any difficult emotions or reactions they might experience during or between their EMDR sessions.


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Don't forget to share these free resources with your colleagues!